Re: Slavic *-je/o

From: tgpedersen
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Date: 2006-09-06

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<S.Tarasovas@...> wrote:
> --- In, Piotr Gasiorowski <gpiotr@> wrote:
> > > How about Gk. kámpto: 'bend', Lith. kam~pas 'corner', Goth.
> > > hamfs 'mutilated'?
> > I was talking only about "true" dipthongs, i.e. *ai and *au, not
> > combinations with nasals and liquids.
> EIEC's *kaunos (Gk.(Hes.) kaunós 'bad, evil', Goth. hauns 'humble',
> Latv. kàuns 'shame, disgrace', if belongs here, Lith. placename
> Kau~nas).
> Sl. lê^vU (c), Gk. laiós -- no Hirt, therefore, according to your
> formulation if Hirt's Law, no *a:i.

> Possibly EIEC's *mai- (Goth. G. pl. maile 'wrinkle', OE ma:l 'spot',
> Lith. pl. mie~le:s, Latv. mìeles 'yiest'), if Gk. miaíno: 'stain,
> sully' belongs here).
Bomhard: Indo-European and the Nostratic hypothesis
518. PN *mul-/*mol- "to rub, to crush, to grind" > PIE
*mel-/*mol-/*ml- "to rub, to crush, to grind"; PAA *mal-/*məl- "to
rub, to crush, to grind"; PU *mola- "to grind, to crush, to break, to
smash"; PD *mel- "to be or become thin, weak, lean; (adj.) soft,
tender, thin".
526. PN *mur-/*mor- "to crush, to break, to destroy" > PIE
*mer-/*mor-/*mr- "to crush, to destroy; to be or become crushed, to
disintegrate"; PU *mura- "to break, to shatter"; PD *mur- "to crush,
to break, to cut", *mur- "to break, to crush, to destroy"; S mur "to
crush, to grind".

> Probably Lat. paucus 'little', Gk. paûros 'little', if Lith.
> pau~ks^tis 'bird' belongs here (for the semantic development cf. the
> etymology of Sl. pUti"ca).
> Lat. scaevus, Gk. skaiós, Lith. kai~ras (4) 'left'.
> Lat. taurus, Gk. taûros 'bull', Lith. tau~ras 'aurochs', Sl. tûrU (c).

Also in Semitic. Loan?

Given the geographical distribution (no Armenian, no Indo-Iranian)
can it be ruled out that they are loans from a substrate?

Schrijver's "language of bird names"
has words that alternate aXaY-/X(a)iY- or aXaY-/X(a)uY- (where
X and Y are C(C)).