Re: [tied] Re: PIE *pel- 'to sell' < - > 'to buy'

From: Abdullah Konushevci
Message: 44947
Date: 2006-06-13

On 6/13/06, Abdullah Konushevci <akonushevci@...> wrote:
On 6/13/06, alexandru_mg3 <alexandru_mg3@... > wrote:

*pel- `to sell, to make money'. 1. Alb. <blej> `to buy' probably
> prefixed and suffixed metathetic variant *H1en-+ *ple-n-yo

The prefix *H1en- is not 'mandatory' here (even you can add it too):
a form *ple-n-yo regularly give blej in Albanian :

1. bletë 'swarm of bees' < *melit-eh2
2. bluaj 'to grind' < *mleh1-n-yo < PIE *melh1-

I think that the rule is :

*ml > *mbl > *bl remain to can establish all the contexts in which
m > mb

You have right, for as /n/, voiced apical  nasal, gets /d/, voiced apical stop and,  as well as /m/, voiced bilabial nasal, gets homorganic sounds  /b/, voiced bilabial stop.
In case of <bletë> 'bee' I think that reconstructed form should be *melit-teH2 (cf. Greek melissa, Attic melitta) and thanks to iCC > eCC we could reconstruct PAlb. *mHlitta:/*mlitta: with lost of pretonic /e/. But, in case of <mbles> 'marriage broker, go-between' we have evidence of prefix *H1en-.


For -iCC- > -eCC- see also Latin loan:

Lat. littera > Alb. <letër> 'paper';
Lat. missa > Alb. <meshë> 'mass, office';
Lat. sagitta > Alb. <shigjetë> 'arrow' with variant <zhgjetë> 'id.' etc.