Re: [tied] Latin du:rus

From: altamix
Message: 44250
Date: 2006-04-12

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> On 2006-04-12 08:47, Piotr Gasiorowski wrote:
> > Forget it. Skt. dur- in the forms you quoted is just a sandhi
> > realisation of <dus-> 'ill-, mis-'...
> Sorry, I mean <dus.->. A final postvocalic /s./ becomes /r/ before
> a voiced consonant or a vowel, cf. Skt. dur-manas- 'perversity of
> mind': Gk. dus-mene:s 'hostile' ('ill-minded').
> Piotr

hmmm... Gk. "dus-mene:s" means "hostile" and we have in Alb. and
Rum. "dushman"= enemy, hostile.. the words in Rum. and Alb. are given
as being loans from Turkish if I am not too wrong but it appears as
having an Albanoid development ( I don't have the dictionary here now
so I am not sure if Alb. has "dushman" or "dyshman"). Pretty strange
with the borrowing ways special when we have to deal with circular
borrowings ( from A to B and after some changes back from B to A).
Apparently the Gk. is the source for this "hostile" subject and not
turkish. I wonder id the phonetic change is Albanian or not.