Re: Reconstruction of yaj-, hag-

From: Sean Whalen
Message: 43379
Date: 2006-02-12

--- P&G <G&P@...> wrote:

> > I reconstruct H2i-H2àg^-
> Why?

To account for the forms I wrote at the bottom in my
message. Most cases of *a come from a vowel by H2;
some need other explanations; I think this does not.

Reduplicated verbs exist with both e- and 0-grade so
*H2i-H2(à)g^- would become yaj- and i:j-.

I gave these examples:

yàg^- to Skt. yaj- and Greek hágios "holy"

ì:g^- to Skt. i:jitum

> And how would its outcome differ from that of
> *H2i-H2eg^- ?

I don't dispute *H2i-H2ag^- < **H2i-H2eg^-. I didn't
see any need to mention e>a after H2 in an earlier
time. It works whether e>a or a remains here but not
elsewhere, or any other common theory.

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