Re: [tied] Re: insula anas

From: Brian M. Scott
Message: 43323
Date: 2006-02-09

At 5:40:04 AM on Wednesday, February 8, 2006, tgpedersen


> Inis Ane is (presumably) Celtic (since it's the name of a
> Scottish Island).

> Insula Anas is Latin.

> 'Insula Anas' is the Latin translation of 'Inis Ane'

Is it? Or is it simply a Latin rendering of the Irish name,
in which an element similar to the Irish <Áne> that makes
sense in Latin has been substituted? There's an OIr
<á(i)ne> 'brightness, glow, radiance; brilliance, wit;
splendor, glory, fame' that appears as a presonal name
<Áne>. The genitive would also be <Áne>, so 'Áne's island'
is a possible reading.

> Therefore 'Anas' is the Latin translation of 'Ane'
> Therefore 'Ane' means "duck".