Re: insula anas

From: tgpedersen
Message: 43307
Date: 2006-02-08

--- In, patrick cuadrado <dicoceltique@...>
> Insula anas is latin word anas = duck
> nothing to do with Celtic

Inis Ane is (presumably) Celtic (since it's the name of a Scottish
Insula Anas is Latin.
'Insula Anas' is the Latin translation of 'Inis Ane'
Therefore 'Anas' is the Latin translation of 'Ane'
Therefore 'Ane' means "duck".

>Ad pp. 34-35 and "duck" - a possible Celtic correspondent could be
>identified in the name 'Inis Ane' of one of the Scottish Islands
>from the end of the 1st vent. AD, called 'Insula Anas' "Duck's
>Island" by the Geographer from Ravewnna ca. 700 AD ..
>[Hamp: Ravenna 'anas'. √Čtudes Celtiques 34, 55]

> In Celtic Ans/Ant/And = duck doesn't exist
Therefore Celtic Ans/Ant/And = duck does exist

> once again it's a mistake
Once again, you haven't understood the argument.