Also an Austro-Asiatic Disconnect (was: Proto Vedic Continuity Theo

From: Richard Wordingham
Message: 41895
Date: 2005-11-08

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> > And how are you tackling the Austro-Asiatic problem? (Munda,
> > Nicobarese, Aslian and other Mon-Khmer)
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> > Richard.
> Our monograph points to the possibility of the presence of
> austro-asiatic in the Sarasvati civilization area, the saptasindhu
> region. This has been accepted by HH Hock.

You don't seem to be aware of the problem. What is the genetic
connection between the speakers of the Munda and Mon-Khmer languages?
The Indian speakers of Mon-Khmer languages (I believe Khasi is the
documented case) are genetically quite different to the Munda speakers.

Have you heard of the Austro-Asiatic Invasion Theory?