Indo-Iranian *H2rtá- (was Sanskrit Rta)

From: A.
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Date: 2005-11-06

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> If I may say so, I suspect that you're trying to find
> connections for the European forms with the cosmological
> significance attached to the Indo-Iranian derivatives
> of *H2rtá-, but which I'm afraid simply don't exist. The
> original meaning of the P.I.E. root was purely mundane,
> and referred to the proper assembling, setting up, or
> outfitting of something.
> In this way, at one time and in
> the Indo-Iranian branch alone, the word for "(properly)
> fitted, put together" was used to name the Proto-Indo-
> Iranians concept of the greater world order, but even in
> Indo-Iranian that specialized meaning was one only of
> the extended form *H2rtá- and its reflexes, not of its
> root *H2ar- or any of its other extensions.
> David

David (or whomever may know),

I am simply curious if anyone could point out some of the other terms
(mundane or otherwise) derived specifically from the Proto-Indo-
Iranian *H2rtá- ??

Many thanks!