Re: [tied] Re: Albanian origins and much more

From: george knysh
Message: 35493
Date: 2004-12-19

--- g <st-george@...> wrote:

> > GK: Dacian, of course, did not border on
> Greek.
> It did: Greek colonies at the Black Sea (provided
> that the language
> spoken by the Getae was a mere dialect of the
> Dacians' own idiom.)

*****GK: You're right of course. My slip (I didn't
think of "colonial" areas, rather of "mainland"
contact.) Two other issues here:(1) were Tomis etc.
"Doric" foundations? Marius spoke of identifiable
linkages between prAlb and Doric Greek. I read
somewhere that the ancient Epirotes, while not exactly
Greeks, had a language very close to that of archaic
Dorians. (2) Are there any identifiable Iranisms in
Alb? The area of Geto-Greek contact south of the
Danube was also one of intense Geto-Iranic

> If Dacian is in the picture, then rather that of
> South-Danubian Dacias
> & upper Mo�sia. Perhaps the Bessi. (cf. that German
> scholar, G. Schramm,
> I once mentioned in a posting). But... centuries
> later on, A.D.

*****GK: Also, would not the Bessi be considered
Thracian rather than Dacian?*****
> George

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