Re: Albanian origins and much more

From: g
Message: 35490
Date: 2004-12-19

> *****GK: Dacian, of course, did not border on Greek.*****

It did: Greek colonies at the Black Sea (provided that the language
spoken by the Getae was a mere dialect of the Dacians' own idiom.)

>> In conclusion: is very probable that Albanian
>> represents a Dacian
>> Dialect (with an Illyrian Substratum) and also is
>> almost sure that
>> Albanians arrives nearby Greek' borders at least in
>> sec. III B.C.
> *****GK: What is your argument for an "Illyrian"
> substratum, rather than something else? I wouldn't
> deny an Illyrian component on historical grounds (Or
> Paeonian, or Epirote). Dacian is certainly in the
> picture. But on what basis does one definitively
> decide which was more important?*****

If Dacian is in the picture, then rather that of South-Danubian Dacias
& upper Mo√ęsia. Perhaps the Bessi. (cf. that German scholar, G. Schramm,
I once mentioned in a posting). But... centuries later on, A.D.