IE palatal stops and Albanian

From: alex
Message: 35228
Date: 2004-11-30

The opinion of Orell regarding the palatal stops in Albanian is as follow:

regular : k^ > ts > th (thom, theri, thep)
ocasionaly : k^ > c (ts)

regular : g^ & g^h > dz > dh (lidh, vjedh, herdhe, madh, rrjedh)
in Anlaut : g^> dh but g^h > d (dor�, dim�r, dyll�)

The IE "k" is preserved as "k" and IE "g" is preserved as "g".

Reading this and thinking about one asks himself what about Albanian
"sorr�"? If the word as Orell here shows
cannot derive from any *kor- or k^or, then is the word a loan? Or I forgot
something here since all the time the pair was kept as a true cognate: Rom.
"c^oar�" (cioar�) with Alb. "sorr�"