Re: Rom. vatra - Alb vatër-votër - PAlb *wai-a:tra

From: tgpedersen
Message: 35211
Date: 2004-11-27

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> Sorry : please read below o>a in place of a>o:
> So it is:
> PIE *swe-(>*swoi) 'own;self' + *HaHtr- 'fire'.
> PIE *swoi-HaHtr- > (o>a) > Old PAlb *swai-*a:tra > (sw>w; HaH>a:)
> PAlb *wai-a:tra

If you want to risk your reputation as a sane person and are not
afraid to injure your academic prospects you might want to consider
Basque 'su' "fire" (I think it can be reconstructed as *suk- or *sur-
based on its combining forms; I'll have to check). Vennemann proposes
that root to account for Germanic *swart- "black" (ie. < "blackened";
and BTW Swed. 'svart', Dan. 'sort').