Alb. "vatër" ( it was (Re: [tied] Re: Albanian valle )

From: alex
Message: 35165
Date: 2004-11-21

Piotr Gasiorowski wrote:
>> and even you don't like the idea of a Subtratum in Romanian:
>> because the rule above (PAlb wa > Rom. o) will put in cause your
>> proposed timeframes for Albanian language.
> This is directly contradicted by <vatr�>, where Alb. va-/vo- is
> retained.

> Piotr

Alb. "vat�r", pl. "vatra"
Rom. "vatr�", pl. "vetre"

If the word is native in Albanian, then it should derive from an protoword
in which in IE begun with "*wo-".
Assuming this, then the word should have been borrowed from Albanian by
Romanians. This assumption is contradicted by the plural of the Romanian
word , which plural show us which vowel was in the original word. The plural
is "vetre" and, unless the change could be considered as analogy, that means
the word has been "*vetr-". If the word has been an "*vetr-" then the word
is a loan in Albanian from Romanian and the word in IE should have begun
with "we-", or "we:-"

seeing the IE roots, there is none which beginns with "wa-", "we-", "wo-"
and which will fit with the meaning of "vat�r". So, then is that a non IE
word? Any other possibilities ?