Re: [tied] seven layered-world

From: enlil@...
Message: 34390
Date: 2004-09-30

> The idea is that the way to "ultimate" heaven/paradise (in many
> cases lost and in many cases for attainment or regain) involves
> crossing formidable six-fold barriers.

Yes, however, this exists amongst the Mayans too. Both "9" and "13"
figure prominently in their world-view and yet these two numbers are
important in their calendar, coincidentally. Again, I think the
answer lies in whole-number arithmetic and astronomy.

> But the Japanese and Chinese took them as just taboo words or word
> which are equivalent to 'death'.

This is, as said before, Sinitic in origin but involves world-play
rather than mathematics. I've considered wordplay but I can't see
how it accounts for the astonishingly widespread adoption of the term
unless there is something more 'awesome' or 'divine' about it.

> And to conclude four and seven did not come from Astronomy nor in
> calendars. But more probably from religion, [...]

But religion is often based on astronomy... which fuels the invention
of calendars! How can you possibly seperate religion from astronomy?
Examine these cultures you speak of again and you'll sing a different
tune soon enough.

= gLeN