Moderator's apologies

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 32803
Date: 2004-05-20

Dear List,

You may have noticed the decline in my activity on the list in recent weeks.
I regret that, but the present month has been very difficult to me. I'm back
from two linguistic conferences organised by my university. At one of them I
read a paper on the etymology of English <dog>. It will be published soon,
so I can't reveal the details yet, but it contains what I believe is the
first well-argued etymology of the word ever proposed (no false modesty,
dammit :-)). At the other conference I talked to some of my learned
colleagues interested in the evolution of language about the need of
exchanging our neo-Darwinian ideas on a regular basis. I intend to set up a
new forum for that purpose during the summer months. It will be announced on
Cybalist, since I hope many of you would be interested in discussing
language change as an evolutionary process.

The long-delayed reform of Cybalist has to be postponed again, since I'm
moving house next week, which they say is one of the most stressful things
you ever do. June won't be much better: it is the month of end-of-year, BA
and MA examinations here. I hope to be back to my routines by July, by
which time I'll probably post irregularly, though I'll do my best to stay
tuned in.