[tied] Re: Whence Grimm?

From: altamix
Message: 32337
Date: 2004-04-27

> Ivo Hajnal, Methodische Vorbereitungen zu einer Paleolinguistik des
> Balkanraums, in
> Bammesberger, Vennemann(eds.), Laguages in Prehistoric Europe
> ...vgl. thrak. (gloss.) skálme: "Schwert" < */skolma:/ (vgl.
> skélti)...
> Torsten

Mangelhafte Erklärung seitens von Ivo Hajnal da es keine
ernstzunehmende Quelle bennent:-)
I suspect he is not the only one. It happens I have fount recently
the same mention in an another work and this is "Ancient Languages of
the Balkan" of Radoslav Katic^ic^
He mention too the word "skalme" but as Ivo Hajnal, there is no
reference where is mentioned this glosse and why it should
mean "sword". Again the same odd style of " we suppose it meant
so_and_so" because "see Lit. skelti" :-))

Thank you Thorsten . It appears there are a lot of shcolars which
simply copy each other without bother to verify what about. So bad
for a lot of conclusions from a such manner to abord the things.