Re: [tied] Rum. de-, d&-, di- [Re: d(e)rectum]

From: alex
Message: 30654
Date: 2004-02-04

george-st@... wrote:
> According to the previous edition of the Rum.
> dictionary, <d�p�r�> is a regional + colloquial
> variant of <dep�r�.> (For a Romanian native-speaker
> with some school education there's no need to look
> them up in the dictionary to know that d�- prefixa-
> tions are subdialectal and colloquial.) Moreover:
> dep�ra itself has the tag... "regionalism".
> There is no reason to expect the authors of the
> next edition (the DEX: first published in 1975,
> i.e. 18 years after the previous "DLRM") to have
> changed a iota in the entries for <d�p�ra> and
> <dep�ra.>
> George

They did change. DEX 98 consider it as "popular and familiar" but is not
tagged as regionalism.The word is though in the "Dictionarul de arhaisme si
regionalisme" 2002 considered as regionalism.
I don't wonder I did not know it.For the special meaning of "d�p�ra" there
is usual used the another verb, " smulge" (zmulge) considered as deriving
from < Lat. *exmulgere.