[Re: ...Crãciun...]

From: Richard Wordingham
Message: 29044
Date: 2004-01-03

.0--- In cybalist@yahoogroups.com, g <george.st@...> wrote:
> >I tried the on-line dictionary at http://www.ectaco.com/ to look
> >the Romanian cognates. All it gave for _ai_ was 'you've'. The
> >translation it gives for _lilie_ is 'lily'. Does anyone know a
> >better on-line Romanian-English dictionary?
> >
> >Richard.
> http://dex.francu.com/search.php
> <ai>: http://dexonline.ro/search.php?cuv=ai&source=

Thanks, but how do I look up words with non-ASCII characters? Cut
and paste doesn't work, not does dropping the accents.