Re: [Re: ...Crãciun...]

From: g
Message: 29040
Date: 2004-01-03

>I tried the on-line dictionary at to look for
>the Romanian cognates. All it gave for _ai_ was 'you've'. The only
>translation it gives for _lilie_ is 'lily'. Does anyone know a
>better on-line Romanian-English dictionary?



(Anyone can contribute to enrich this online monolingual
dictionary.)(Still far from being finished.)

<<Starea curentã:
DEX online a învãþat 26579 cuvinte, din care 724 în ultima lunã.
Secþiuni complete (DEX '98): A-AL, AU-AZ, Ã, Â, B, C-CH, D-DÃ,
G, H, I, Î, J, K, M-MÃ, Q, Þ, U, W, X, Y, Z>>