Re: [tied] River Sarasvati and ancient civilization chronology

From: S.Kalyanaraman
Message: 28689
Date: 2003-12-22

--- In, Andy Howey <andyandmae_howey@...>
> Dr. Kalyanaraman:
> I was under the impression that Vedic was a north-western dialect
of Indo-Aryan that somewhat predates Sanskrit, thus being of Indo-
European extraction. If Vedic is indeed Austro-Asiatic, as you
claim, then wouldn't your message be off-topic, this being a list
for discussion of PIE and Indo-European languages and all. However,
if "juice" equates to "gold", then I guess Vedic can be a member of
Austro-Asiatic. LOL

I do not know what LOL means, Andy.

The message is not off-topic because I am questioning the received
wisdom of categorising Vedic in IE, PIE contexts. I question the
bases used to determine Vedic as of 'Indo-European extraction'.