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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2003-12-20

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> Adams in EIEC seems to believe in *h4, or at least keep his options open
> (better to overdifferentiate than to destroy information). I tend not to
> believe in *h4, but I haven't personally checked all the relevant cases
> found ways to explain away the lack of /h/ in Hittite in all of them. I
> assume others have, to their satisfaction. H. Craig Melchert, in
> "Anatolian Historical Phonology" doesn't even mention *h4.

I think it made its d´┐Żbut in Kurylowicz's original paper on Hittite aitches.
Few people believe in h4 these days, and if they do it's more because of
Hamp's controversial view that some Albanian /h-/'s reflect *h2- (while *h4-