Nordwestblock self-designation?

From: tgpedersen
Message: 28035
Date: 2003-12-06

There has been some confusion in assigning a homeland to the Jutes.
They left no discernible trace in Kent or opposite the Isle of Wight,
where Beda puts them in England. He does place them in Jutland on the
continent. They appear in various sources as Eutii, Eucii (=
*Euc^i ?, whence the palatalisation?), Euthiones, Eudosi ( > *Eudzi >
*Euc^i ?), Eotas, Iotar etc. Connection with Gaut- (> Göt-, Got-) is
generally rejected (but consider the fate of the Germanic prefix ga >
ge- > Ge- > ye- > i- > nothing; not that I propose that that prefix
is involved).

The problem is that this/these /people(s) are placed at too many

Solution: 'Jute' is the common designation of all non-Germanic half-
assimilated 'aboriginal' peoples, especially in the Northwest. It is
known from archaeology that West Jutland was not invaded with the
rest of Denmark at the beginning of our era. Thus all Nordwetblock-
speakers and West Jutes. Until the 18th century the derogatory
designation in Finland and Sweden (same country then) for the Danes
was Jutar, especially in war contexts. It is puzzling that they
should use that word as a derogatory name, unless the Jutes were
perceived as particularly backward. It would make sense within
Denmark, of course, to use the word that way, but this crosses the
border between countries, which is unprecedented. One can't use a
solution à la the French use of the Aleman name for all Germans,
Jutland is on the far side, seen from Sweden. One is reminded of the
German habit of identifying Russian soldiers with 'Siberians' during
the war.