Re: [tied] All of creation in Six and Seven

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 27302
Date: 2003-11-17

>If I recall correctly, you once posited the existence of "Semitish",
>a sort of para-proto-semitic, which influencing PIE. If the term for
>seven was borrowed by PIE speakers from Semitish rather than from
>Proto-Semitic how would that affect your argument below? Might not
>the accents or number of syllables be different?

I only say "Semitish" because it doesn't seem to me that it was
likely that Semitic directly affected IE, and it seems assumptive to
presume that it was a non-IE, non-Semitic language. So I presume
instead that it was not "core Semitic", situated in Palestine, but
some para-Semitic language.

Yes, it could be different from Semitic, but not knowing what
those differences could possibly be, I try instead to work within
the framework of what we do know. We know Semitic, not
para-Semitic dialects.

= gLeN

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