Re: Enclosed Places

From: g
Message: 24740
Date: 2003-07-21

Brian M. Scott wrote:

> They are derived from the name of the Volcae, a Celtic
> tribe. Piotr gave a very detailed discussion in Message
> 1167.

The Etruscan toponym Vulcii (Volcii, too?) a mere co-

> See also Message 15982, and Miguel's discussion in
> the Usenet group sci.lang, which is archived at
> <
> com>.

In addition it's worth mentioning that in German, the
older, medieval, variants are Walch (die Walchen; see topo-
nyms with Walch-, and hydronyms Walchensee, in the Ger-
man-Austrian Alps), and Bloch. The latter was also used
by the German-Flemish-Wallonic settlers who were colonized
in South-Eastern Transylvania starting toward the end of
the 13th c.

Otherwise in German also Wa(a)l(i)s etc., and mostly the
more recent Welsch- ["der+die Welsche" any Romance-language
speaker, but chiefly French, Italian and Rheto-Roman;
also note the discrepancy in these old exclamations of
anger/annoyance, reminiscent of medieval events/affairs:
(1) "Ungar, Welsche und Zigeuner!", (2) "Kruzit├╝rken und
Walachen!"; today, no average native-speaker of German
is be able to establish a semantical link betw. "Welsche"
and "Walachen", neither is s/he able to locate "Walachei"
or "Wolochei" out of the saying "aus der Walachei/Wolochei
kommen" -> in the figurative sense "from Ruritania".]

> Brian