Re: [tied] Re: Androphobia sucks

From: alex
Message: 22348
Date: 2003-05-28

tolgs001 wrote:
>> I begin to love these coincidences.
>> I think there will take not long
>> time and I will belive in them too.
> i.e., you'll realize that "întrupa/re"
> & "anthrop-" can't be put in the same
> bowl, since that what seems to you a
> coincidence is very... coincidental.
> There are far better coincidences out
> there (for instance, Rum trupa, Engl
> troop. :=)
> George

English "troop", Romanian "trupã" , all Languages have this neologism
and all seems got it from French "troupe". BTW, which should be the
etymology of the french word "troupe"?