Re: to warp

From: tolgs001
Message: 22325
Date: 2003-05-28

>very quick fish called "zvârlugã"

[variant "vârluga"]

Cobitis taenia (compl. different from sturgeons)

>with unknown etymology.

Hypothesis: it might be put into connection with
"zbârlog". (zbârlog, zbârlit, zburlit, zbor$it)
If there's a semantic link betw. the figurative
senses ("excitement, fear, wrath") of these and
"swiftness" (namely, in the Rum. locution "as
swift as a zvârluga").

>Question: I am interested if anyone has a idea
>about a suffix as "-uga" or "-luga".

Perhaps Slavic, as in:

(i) Rum p&struga, Srb pastruga, Bg pestruga,
Ukr/Russ sevryuga (Acipenser stellatus 'starry

(ii) (perhaps) Rum cega, Srb c^iga;

(iii) Ukr/Russ beluga (Acipenser huso huso)

i.e., sturgeons: Acipenseridae, Acipenserinae,