New member with a lot of questions!

From: James Francis Connell III Message: 18592
Date: 2003-02-08

I am very happy to have found out about this list and be a member. I still have not gone through all of the old all of
the posts (stopped in the mid 300s) so please forgive me for any redundancy.
As a matter of introduction I have for most of my years been a lab bum. My specialties are in histology,
neuroanatomy and human ethology. When I worked in the evolutionary neuroanatomy lab of the Anthropology
Department at the Peabody Museum at Harvard I rubbed shoulders with a number of linguists but I am afraid at the
time I couldn't see past my microscope. So as far as Celtic studies and linguistics I am a rank amateur.
I have noticed I am not alone in my interests in the origins of Celtic language. Two books recommended by Barry
Cunliffe on the subject are Colin Renfrew's Archeology and Language and J.P.Mallory's In Search of the
Indo-Europeans. Any opinions out there on either one of these titles?
I was wondering if any learned member can give the words for "God", "mother","water", "sun", "horse" and the
Turkish word "Yayla" in Celtic, Scythian, Cimmerian, Old Persian and Hindi? I know its a tall order especially for
a newbie. Be