Re: [tied] Why are Horses Vedic Again?

From: george knysh
Message: 18443
Date: 2003-02-05

--- Piotr Gasiorowski <piotr.gasiorowski@...>

> A late 3rd millennium date for Proto-Indo-Iranian
> (with Indic breaking off ca. 2000 BC if not slightly
> later) also allows us to fit the branch ito a more
> general scenario of IE dispersals, allowing
> sufficient time for the rise and fragmentation of
> the Satem block, etc. I don't claim to have
> incontrovertible proofs for such dates, but there's
> a lot of "distributed" evidence that makes sense
> cumulatively if we accept it. Note that there are
> absolutely no traces of contacts between any
> Indo-Iranian groups and the literate peoples of the
> Middle East and Mezopotamia before ca. 1400 BC.
> Piotr

*****GK: Archaeology seems to support this dating. It
is clear enough that the Zrubna (Srubnaya) culture
[ca. 1600-800 BC) was ancestral to both Scythians (at
least the eastern Iranic-speaking groups) and
Sindo-Maeotians (the Pontic Indo-Aryans). The Donetsk
archaeologist Kulbaka has clearly differentiated
"proto-Iranic" and "proto-Indic" groups on the basis
of burial rites within the West Eurasian Late Catacomb
c. of ca. 2500-2000 BC (contending that the Nuristani
groups had outmigrated some centuries earlier). All
this also fits in well with the notion of early FU
borrowings from IIr.****

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