Re: green albanian

From: mbikqyres
Message: 18235
Date: 2003-01-28

Anyway, there is another Albanian word for green <i/e blertë> which
is supposed to derive from Illyrian.


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> about yellow:
> In Romanian I showed that "galben" is not the root , but "gãlb".
> this one allow all derivatives and "galben" is one of them. I
> that in Albanian there should be too derivatives of "gjelbe:r"
> will show too that the root is an another, like in Romanian.
> Albanians have a common word with Romanians, word which is
considered by
> scholars to belong to substratum.
> I speak about "galbeazã" one of the words which is not derivable
> Latin "galbinus".
> And indeed there is the Albanian word. It is "gëlbazë"
and "gelbazet"
> If you will show that "gjelbër" is not related to "gëlbazë" then
you are
> right, Albanian form is a regular form from Latin "galbinus". If
> cannot show it, then you are obliged to accept that from Latin
> "galbinus" cannot derives the Albanian word "gëlbazë" and here
too, the
> root is like in romanian "gëlb".
> Your thoughts is that Latin "-inus" went as follows:
> "s"= mute, "n" became rothacised so, you have "iru" and from "iru"
> "ër"
> a) can you show the "gjëlbër" is not in the same family
with "gëlbazë"?
> b) about "viridis": I have to make up my mind and I will revert.
> 3) if the both Albanian words are related how I suppose, then,
there is
> something to do in the field of romanistic because something
doesnt work
> properly:-))
> Alex