Re: [tied] green albanian

From: m_iacomi
Message: 18155
Date: 2003-01-26

--- In, "alex_lycos" <altamix@...> wrote:
>> Likewise, there can be no question that <gjelbër> continues Lat.
>> galbinum (the phonological development is 100% regular). Its
>> history (apart from the semantic switch) is more straightforward
>> than that of Italian giallo which I think is a loan from Old
>> French (<jalne>) rather than a direct _local_ reflex of <galbinum>

Correct (at least all current Italian dictionaries point towards
O. Fr. <jalne>, deriving from Lat. <galbinus>, a derivative of
<galbus> "green(ish), yellow"). Latin /ga/ > It. /gia/ would be
rather unusual, just as the disparition of /b/ from the cluster.
Modern French <jaune> obviously derives from the same XI-th
century <jalne>.

> about yellow:
> In Romanian I showed that "galben" is not the root , but "gãlb".

As pointed out by George, this is only your private opinion.

> I speak about "galbeazã" one of the words which is not derivable
> from Latin "galbinus".

... nor related to "yellow".

> And indeed there is the Albanian word. It is "gëlbazë" and
> "gelbazet"
> a) can you show the "gjëlbër" is not in the same family with
> "gëlbazë"?

As pointed out by Piotr, it's up to you to show up with some
arguments the words should be somehow related.
Actually, Romanian preference for /g/ instead of /k/ could be
the result of some folk etimology (which affects also a very
active member of cybalist, as seen above).

Marius Iacomi