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From: altamix
Message: 17958
Date: 2003-01-22

--- In, Miguel Carrasquer <mcv@...> wrote:
> The gloss zoûmpros /zumbros/, the spelling already gives it away,
> if not, then the year (1164), is from Nicetas Choniates (1155-1215)
> and simply reflects the Slavic word, nothing Altthrakisch at all.
> I don't know what Morelli Bibl. mscr. or AP IX are, but I begin to
> wonder whether those glosses aren't post-600 AD as well.
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> Miguel Carrasquer Vidal
> mcv@...

Well Miguel, I begin to wonder about other situations. For example
the Romanian word "coliba" which preserve the intervocalic "b" and
has not rothacised the "r" is given by Tomascheck as a Thracian gloss.

but step by step:
colibã=cabin, hut, shanty; shack; shelter; hovel
cf DEX=from Slavic "koliba"

now we take Tomaschek with the following gloss:

"Xenophon schildert uns die Weiler und Viehgehöfe der Thynen (Anab.
VII 4, 14): an die Wohnhütte (kalúbe) schloßen sich Stall und
Schafpferch an.."

Also Thracian "kalúbe" and Romanian "colibã" and Slavic koliba.
BTW what is the semantism in Slavic, is this too one from the
equivalents I gave before ( Wohnhütte).

I wonder about the Romanian toponym and mountains name "OrãStie" with
a lot of derivatives and the Thracian "Orestia" which in Bessian
language was "Uscudama" and in the Odrysian time became "Odrusia".

I just wonder about such coincidence and I guess I have to follow the
advice of an acquaintance of me , to find a method and to list them:-)