Re: *Yemo and *Manu; creation myth

From: tgpedersen
Message: 17936
Date: 2003-01-22

--- In, "Jean Kelly" <jeffcob@...> wrote:
> Hi Glen, everyone
> > Dr. Michael A. Rappenglueck also sees maps of the night sky, and
> > images of shamanistic ritual teeming with cosmological meaning."
> > BBC should be ashamed of publicizing such nonsense.
> > My opinion.
> >
> Piotr Gasiorowski:
> >Mine too.
> I'm not too sure about the latest Orion/carving identification
proposed by
> Rappenglueck, but he has produced interesting theories in the past,
> "The Pleiades in the 'Salle des Taureaux' Grotte de Lascaux. Does
a rock
> picture in the cave of Lascaux show the open star cluster of the
Pleiades at
> the Magdalenien era (ca 15,300 BC)?", in C. Jaschek and F. Atrio
> Proceedings of the IVth SEAC Meeting Astronomy and Culture,
> Universidad de Salamanca, 1997. Whilst they are highly
controversial, these
> theories imply the burgeoning of the sort of concern with astronomy
that I
> mentioned earlier.
> Best regards,
> Jean Kelly

Analyze this.