Re: [tied] Gallehus horn

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2003-01-13

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> The "contrasting" sentence supposed to show what this sentence would
be in West Germanic was (quoted by memory):

> Ik, Hliugasts, horn tau/... (end of memory)

> Holtijaz or Holtingaz has been related to Holsten, (High) German
(ized) Holstein, presumably from *Holt-seten "forest dwellers".
Thus "Holsteiner".

That looks somewhat East Germanic, especially the <gasts> part.

In Old English, this would be:

Ic, Hlêogest Hylte, (þone) horn (ge)têode.

And in Wulfila's Gothic,

Ik, Hliwagasts Hulteis, haúrn táwida.