Re: [tied]vegliot (was: house and hip)

From: alex_lycos
Message: 17551
Date: 2003-01-12

m_iacomi@... wrote:

> The confusion between /ks/ and /s/ starts in late Latin, but is
> not generalized (see for instance hypercorrect forms in AP: "miles
> non milex", "aries non ariex", "poples non poplex", etc.; see also
> common spelling errors like "vissit" for "vixit"). Not being quite
> generalized, it still gives different reflexes in Eastern Romance
> (e.g. Vegl. <kopsa>)

Just a question regarding the Vegliot. Where did you found "kopsa" in
In the study I have about this language there is no "kopsa".
There is no evidence in Bartolli's work about Vegliote and there is no
evidence in the review of John Fisher about the vegliote.

Are you sure you found somewhere the word "kopsa" in vegliote? If yes,
can you please tell me where ?