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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2003-01-12

The scanned text has not been proofread and its quality is so bad that it's more difficult to read than OE manuscripts. I can check it up in Boswoth and Toller's dictionary when I'm at work, which will be on Tuesday. As far as I'm able to reconstruct it on my own (however, I'm practically certain my reconstruction is correct), it ought to read:

<he:o bege:at þa: hand mid de:orwyrðum wyrtum and bewand on godwebbe>

She covered the hand with precious herbs/spices and wrapped it up in purple cloth.


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Anyone want to take a stab at translating the following:

11. to cover with, bestrew with -.-
HeÛ begeit Pi hand mid deÛrwyrdum wyrturn and bewand on godwebbe,
Shrn. 59, 34- [0. H. Ger. pi-giozan perfundere, proluere, in/undere.]
(it comes from

I've seen godwebbe translated as fine fabric...