Re: Old English "a-spylian"

From: g
Message: 17486
Date: 2003-01-09

>very right sir.
>You gave me an ideea now with this literary "eu".
>Why dont take a look at the fact that this "eu" is just a literary
>form while the peasants speak like the italians with "io", not with
>long "i" like in italian "iio" but with a very short "i"

That's right: the pan-Romanian colloquial & subdialectal
variant of this personal pronoun is "io", pronounced /jo/.
So do I myself utter it in my everyday's usage of the vernacular
- except for situations in which I'd be put to read an official
text to be broadcast. ;)

(OTOH, I don't know whether its variants in the Macedonian
Romanian, Megleno-Romanian and Istro-Romanian dialects
are also "io"-like or rather closer to "eu".)

>Is this literary "eu" just made for showing the similarity of
>latin "ego" versus romanian "eu"? I am joking of course.

I don't know. What matters, I suppose, is that "eu" was
written centuries ago in various texts. (BTW: /jeu/, as a
triphtongue, is the correct pronunciation. The other one,
/eu/, is used by wanna-be upper crust nincompoops
who believe in the urban legend that /jeu/ were the
pronunciation of... lower, uneducated classes. :)