Re: Old English "a-spylian"

From: altamix
Message: 17485
Date: 2003-01-09

--- In, George Stana <gs001ns@...> wrote:
> (There are 4 Past Tenses: (1) Praeteritum "spãlam"; (2)
> Perfect "spãlai"; (3) Composed Perfect "am spãlat" [which
> corresponds to the English Present Perfect, but which, in
> Romanian, it's a Past, not a Present, Tense]; (4) Plusquam
> Perfect "spãlasem". These forms, I chose here are for "eu",
> i.e. "I washed & I had washed" + "I was washing & I
> have been washing".)
> g

very right sir.
You gave me an ideea now with this literary "eu".
Why dont take a look at the fact that this "eu" is just a literary
form while the peasants speak like the italians with "io", not with
long "i" like in italian "iio" but with a very short "i"
Is this literary "eu" just made for showing the similarity of
latin "ego" versus romanian "eu"? I am joking of course. But the form
with "i" is indeed the one used by folk.