Russian Ivan < ?

From: João Simões Lopes Filho
Message: 17445
Date: 2003-01-06

Can Russian Ivan come from a Church Slavic *JUvanI or *JUvanU ?
The vernacular expected form of  surname must be Ivanev or Ivanov?
And Byzantine Greek -ph-, its vernacular evolution in Slavic (Orthodox area) is -p- or -f- ? I find both developments in personal names: Stepan/Stefan, Josip/Osip/Jusif/Josif. Greek Io:se:ph > Byzantine Iosiph ? > Slavic JosipU ?, JosifU? (cf. Io:b > Iov > JovU)
One good way to differentiate Catholic apart from Orthodox Slavic names is the Byzantine/Latin different developments.
Latin -s- > /-z-/; Greek -s- > -s-
Latin b > b  Greek > b > v   (cf. Bazil- / Vasil- for Basilios)
Latin th (<Greek) > /t/  Greek th > T
> f (cf. Bartolomei-/Varfolomei; Teodor-/Feodor-)
Greek e: > Latin e: > e  Greek e: > Byzantine i
Greek ge,gi > Latin z^, dz^, y Greek ge,i > ge,gi; (cf. J^orj^ / Giorgi )
Joao SL