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From: João Simões Lopes Filho
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So, Prothero, Prydderch and Broderick is the Welsh equivalent of Portuguese
Rodrigues/Roriz/Roiz/Ruiz and Spanish Rodriguez/Roiz/Ruiz.
And Portuguese has a patronymic surname of Arabian origin:
Viegas = son of Egas < *Veegas<Venegas <Evenegas < Ebenegas < *Ibn Egas

Portuguese patronymic names with suffix -es:
Antunes = Antonio's son/daughter
Nunes = Nuno's son/daughter cf. Spanish Nuñez
Simo~es = Sima~o's son/daughter cf. Spanish Jimenez/Ximenez
Lopes = Lope/Lopo's son/daughter cf. Spanish Lopez
Garce^s= Garcia's son/daughter cf. Sp. Garcez, Garcés
Pires/Peres = Pero (Pedro)'s son/daughter cf. Sp. Pérez
Esteves = Esteva~o's son/daughter cf. Sp. Estebanez
Gonçalves = Gonçalo's son/daughter (Gothic Gunthisalus) cf. Sp. Gonzalez
Vaz/Vasques = Vasco's son/daughter cf. Velasquez/Valasquez/Belasquez
Alves/Alvares = Alvaro's son/daughter
Henriques = Henriques's son/daughter

And another English patronymic: Fitzgerald, Fitzpatrick. Fitz < French Fils

Joao Simoes Lopes
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> > So does this mean 'Bevan' rather than 'Evans' is Welsh for Jones? (The
formations I know are 'Pritchard' from 'Richard' and 'Price' from 'Rhys'.)
> Yes, Evans and Evanson are hybrid formations, while Bevan < ab Evan. Cf.
Bowen, Bumfrey/Bumphrey (also with P-), Bedward/Beddard, Broderick and
Bellis. With P-, we have Parry (one of the most common names in Wales) and
Pen(d)ry (from Harry and Henry), Prothero/Prydderch (from Rhydderch =
Roderick), etc. Of course mixed forms like Bevans also occur.
> Piotr
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