cognates for greek "mikros"?

From: alexmoeller@...
Message: 17237
Date: 2002-12-19

I tried to find some cognates for the greek "mikros"(smikros) but I have
no ideea where I cand find them.
In my dictionary the latin word for "little" is parvus, exiguus, "little
child"= infans,-antis.

I was thinkig the salvic languages show trough reflexes of "malo,
malenko" kinda similarity with the greek "micros".
the german "schmall" seems here to kome from the same root as english
"small" too.
Interesting with preserved "s" as in smikros.
The romanian "mic" is supposed to come from a latin *miccus
intersting, neither germanic , nor slavic, nor romanian ( if there is no
latin conection) did not preserved the "r" in the greek word.
But I can be wrong in the assumption the german reflexes of PGmc
"*smalaz" is in the same familly with greek "mikros/smikros"