Re: [tied] Re: Morphology 19 update - Ego

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 17112
Date: 2002-12-11

Lacking a direct example to back up **e-g, it is beside the
point to worry about the exact semantics of /uvanga/, but since
/-nga/ is the verbal 1ps ending, /uva-/ here can be thought of
as a verb. Regardless, "my (being) here" and "I am here" signify
the same thing anyways, and both interpretations justify *ego:
while Miguel is too lazy to find a real-language example to
support his own view.

Pronouns signifying "This body", "on this side" or even "this
reporter" have nothing to do with Miguel's bold assertion that
a demonstrative _alone_ can replace the 1ps pronoun.

I'm also unconcerned with whether it is possible for *-ge
to erode to *-g. Afterall, surely syllabic *-ge is the original
form anyway. What I'm concerned with is the overall justification
for *eg, over *ego:, being the original 1ps.

It's very simple. "I am here" (*ego:/*egom) as 1ps is supported
by example while "here" (*eg) is not. Therefore, *ego: (or *egom)
demonstrates the original semantics and form of the pronoun.
Until more weight can be added to Miguel's position, I see
nothing to make one think otherwise.

- gLeN

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