Re: PIE fire god

From: mrcaws
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Date: 2002-12-05

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> << All of them were tricksters,
> Perhaps I am simply not informed sufficiently regarding Agni.
In what
> sense is he a trickster?
> messengers,
> and related to fire, helpers of mankind,
> Most gods are helpers of mankind. How is Loki one?
> rivals of Storm Gods; Agni and Loki were shape-shifting gods. I
think the
> role of Prometheus was superseeded by Hermes. >>
> Loki and Prometheus were both unworshipped, and both outsiders
to the
> great gods. Agni, on the other hand, was of course worshipped
intensely as
> one of the highest of the gods. I am willing to admit the
possibility of a
> connection between the first two, but Agni does not seem to me to
fit into
> this pattern. At the very least, I find it hard to understand how
a god of
> fire could, in the IE world, be so "demoted" that he would become
> unworshipped, be an outsider, and be so difficult to identify.
> David Fickett-Wilbar

One possible connection-
Both Prometheus and Agni were instrumental in the institution of
sacrifice(Prometheus' role in the sacrifice at Mecone)

Cort Williams