Re: [tied] Suffixes and the Glottalic Theory

From: Miguel Carrasquer
Message: 17037
Date: 2002-12-05

On Thu, 05 Dec 2002 11:43:22 -0000, "Richard Wordingham"
<richard.wordingham@...> wrote:

>In Welsh, /tt/ > /รพ/, not /t/.

Correct, I was misled by the table in Paul Russell's Introduction to
the Celtic Languages, where the end result appears to be /t/, while
it's only an intermediate stage (at least in Martinet's theory) on the
way from tt > t > T.

The context is Insular Celtci lenitions, and why there are differences
between Welsh and Irish lenition:

*-d- *-t- *-tt- > -D- -d- -T-
*-d- *-dd- *-t- *-tt- > -D- -d- -T- -t-

Martinet's view is that in Brythonic, *-tt- > *-t-, therefore *-t- >
*-d-, and therefore *-d- > *-D-, while in Goidelic, -tt- > -t- AND
-dd- > -d-, and therefore -t- > -T- AND -d- > -D-. In Welsh, -t-
(which was aspirated) later becomes -T-.

Miguel Carrasquer Vidal