Re: [tied] Morphology 19 update - Ego

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 17022
Date: 2002-12-05

>1) Close to us.
>2) First place considered? (I believe there's a Spanish analogy.)
>3) Last place considered? (Latin hic = 'latter')
>I'm not sure if I've understood the semantic development.

All I know is that I'm not sure how we get from "here" to "I" and
I see no real-world examples of this happening. The two are linked
in terms of [+proximal] but there is a definite difference between
speaking of a place versus oneself.

As for "I'm here", as I said, /uvanga/ mirrors the exact same
development so we know that despite anything, this is far more

From what I understand *ego: would have been largely redundant in
a sentence with verb. More of an emphatic than anything. It would
be more along the lines of:

"I am here/My being here/Me over here..."
> "As for me..." (emphatic)
> "I" (non-emphatic)

So in other words, using *ego: in a sentence like "I go to the
library" would be like saying "As for me here, I go to the
library". It kind of reminds me of the redundant use of /moi/ in
French, as in "Moi, je vais a la bibliotheque."

>In fact, in English 'here' is used to attract attention for peremptory
>commands or questions, e.g. 'Here, you pick up that

That still is a long way away from saying that "here" actually
is used as "I".

- gLeN

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