Re: das Wort

From: tolgs001
Message: 16947
Date: 2002-11-30

m_iacomi wrote:

> The phenomenon a > o in Balkan Romance is usually viewed as a sign
>of Slavic intermediate (as in Aluta > Olt, calendae > colinda --
>the latter is surely not inherited directly from Latin as -l- > -r-
>between vowels in Romanian; the inherited word lives in some parts
>of the Romanian speaking area, "cãrindã").

And "corindă" (chiefly in Transylvania and Banat). With
its diminutival variant "corinditză". (e.g. from old songs:
"corindtză cu coditză" & "corinde-mi, Doamne!".

> Marius Iacomi