Re: rex, ra_s.t.ra, nation

From: Richard Wordingham
Message: 16892
Date: 2002-11-26

--- In cybalist@..., "tgpedersen" <tgpedersen@...> wrote:
> Interesting. Møller mentions a Semitic causative prefix s-
> he got that from) which he equates with IE s mobile, to which he
> therefore tentativly also assgns a causative meaning (e.g. melt,
> smelt, and, perhaps reach, stretch).
> The various Austronesian languages, as far as I have understood it,
> instead of using case suffixes to indicate the role of each NP in
> sentence, uses affixes to the verb to put it in a mode that
> that the sole, uninflected NP in sentence has that particular role.
> Thus the verbal affix for instrument is the prefix Si-, which would
> then be related to the Semitic causative s-. (For object it is the
> suffix -n, cf IE past participles).

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