Re: rex, ra_s.t.ra, nation

From: Richard Wordingham
Message: 16878
Date: 2002-11-25

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> > Maybe you don't like the phonetics, but you've left out (Modern?)
> > Hebrew sirgel 'ruler (tool, not person)' and regel, ragl- 'foot
> (body
> > part, not unit of length)'. I've left the lenition out and I
> to
> > check the vowels.

Sirge:l is the verb, 'to draw straight lines'. The tool
is 'sarge:l'. The vowels are short in 'regel' and 'ragl-'.
I can't help feeling that the s- in srgl should be a prefix, but I
don't remember a prefix 's-' in Gesenius, the standard reference for

> I don't mind phonetics, but the guy who left them out is Møller,
> since I know nothing of AfrAs languages. But thanks. One ragl
coming up!

Keep the hyphen on 'ragl-'; it only occurs with suffixes, e.g. in the
dual/plural 'raglayim'.

> Torsten