Re: [tied] Glottal stops and Cockney dialect

From: Max Dashu
Message: 16850
Date: 2002-11-22

Re: [tied] Glottal stops and Cockney dialect
I read years ago that the opposite was happening in Britain itself; the article stated that young aristos such as Di's Sloan Rangers set showed a trend of adopting the glottal stop and other speech patterns of the hoi polloi.


I am sorry to ask such an apparently off-topic question, but what is
the status of the London (UK) Cockney dialect? The question arises
because the Cockney pronunciation of `t' between vowels is widely
used in language textbooks to explain how to pronounce the glottal
stop; this example will become invalid if standard English via the
public media obliterates Cockney along with all other English
regional dialects.