Dio Cassius

From: alexmoeller@...
Message: 16782
Date: 2002-11-16

So far I remember Dio Cassius was the only one who wrote
imediately after the roman-dacian wars and we know he was a
gouvernator in Panonia, pretty in the neighbourship of that
part of the world.
It seems very probable he should be the only one who, in the
time he wrote, could writte the right names, names of the
peoples which have been still not alterated by centuries .
The interesting question for linguists is the name of dacian
King. We know this name as Decebalus. But what did Dio Cassius
Did he wrote Decebalus? So far I am informed from the greek
text I have, he did not wrote Decebalus, but Dekabalaus.
And this is strange to me. Because of this "cabalus" which
gives an another optic of the name. De+kabalus
I just askmy self if the greek pronounciation of that time was
with "b" or with"v". With "v" the name sounds more "italian"
of today =Di Cavallo , in romanian we do not find names like
De- OneName there.
Before speculating on such a term, I should like to ask you if
there are other sources which have to bemore reliable as Dio
Cassius and where the name Dekabalus should be seen as wrong
but the name Dekebalos beeing the right one.
Even so, kabal versus kebal does not imply any differences and
both could be the same "cabalus" as we know it in latin.