Re: again gW>b and getae

From: gleyink
Message: 16776
Date: 2002-11-16

--- In cybalist@..., alexmoeller@... wrote:
> Is this?Piotr forget something very important.
> And what?That kW>p and gW>b are inseparable from each other in
> a language. There where we have kW>p we have automaticaly and
> gW>b. And because of it, it is enough to have the
> demonstration thatn just only of two is right ( kW>p or gW>b).

There are counterexamples to this statement of "inseparability."
In Q-Celtic languages, kW- was preserved (hence the name), but
gW- > b- regularly. Thus, we see Old Irish ben < IE *gWena: 'woman'
Old Irish bo < IE *gWous 'cow', and Old Irish beo < IE *gWi:wos
'alive' along with many other examples. Here kW- and gW- happily
went their separate ways! ---Greg